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European Patent Attorneys

European Patent Attorneys (EPAs) are persons who are qualified to represent patent applicants before the European Patent Office. European Patent Attorneys typically have a technical background, e.g. in engineering, chemistry or life sciences, and have subsequently supplemented their primary education with a patent law degree.

Most EPAs work either in industry or at law firms specialised in Intellectual Property counselling. Their daily work includes drafting of patent applications for new inventions, prosecution patent applications with the European Patent Office, and challenging or defending granted European patents via the European Opposition proceeding.

How to select the right European Patent Attorneys?

Selecting the right EPA for your patent application/invention is tricky, but there are a few hints to follow. First of all, make sure that your EPA understands the underlying technology of the invention. He/she does not have to be a Ph.D. in the scientific field of the invention, but it is important what he/she understands the differences between your invention and the prior art (the previous technology).

Secondly, make sure that your EPA is experienced in, or has sufficient backing for, the task he/she has to perform. Several of the procedures with the European Patent Office requires long experience to be handled optimally, such as for example Opposition proceedings or Appeal proceedings.

Where do I find a European Patent Attorney?

We have included examples of Law firms offering European Patent Attorneys in the menu to the right. Feel free to browse through our site to find the patent attorney you need.

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